Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's with the Clinton supporters anyway?

Biden has only had the V.P. nomination for a few hours and the angry, raving Clinton supporters are everywhere. I understand why they are so bitter, but they are so wrong. The argument seems to be that Biden only had a few thousand votes in the primaries but Clinton had millions. Here's my argument:

The number of votes is incalculable. The way the Iowa caucus is set up is like instant run-off voting. Your first vote doesn't count if the candidate doesn't reach a certain level, that is within each individual precinct. When Biden wasn't a viable candidate, most of his supporters cast their vote for someone else; some of them for Clinton. You're welcome!!

Not only is it a faulty logic mathematically, but it's also backward. Most successful politicians have achieved their position through ruthless manipulation and cut-throat behind-the-scenes deals. Sound like anyone you know? Maybe one or two people with the last name Clinton? She was the first lady and then she clawed her way into the Senate and nearly continued on to receive the nomination by lobbying super-delegates. It's a comfort to me that someone like Biden will be in the White House instead of Clinton. Being an effective leader has nothing to do with campaigning and winning votes.

I just heard an analyst on TV talking about what a huge mistake Obama made by choosing a man. This particular dullard thought that Obama should've picked Clinton or Kathleen Sebilius - just to win the female votes. Here's my argument on that:

Ladies, if you really think Clinton was a better choice for women's issues than Biden you need to do your homework. Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act and has a great record on women's issues. It's appalling to assume someone a better advocate for women just because they have a vagina. Sure, the women's groups supported Hillary - she's a symbol. But I guarantee they will have no problem endorsing Biden. He may not have ovaries, but he's a champion when it comes to women's issues.

Can we stop with the sex issues and the race issues and choose a candidate based on where they stand on the political issues???

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