Saturday, January 16, 2010

The saddest thing

is when you don't have time to write the blog you want to write, so you start it four days ago and then finally spend a couple hours finishing it and adding links. Then, after having saved the draft so many times, you finally post it but you forget that blogger always triple spaces the paragraphs when you save drafts. So then you decide to copy & paste to edit and create a new entry but it did not copy. Nor did it paste. So now days and hours of work is gone and another half hour of trying to recover it has also passed. And you have to admit that the sum of your experiences that goes into a blog may not amount to much more than a trivial episode, and maybe even no one would've read it. But taking the time to write it all down and then losing it really really sucks.

1 comment:

M. Brady said...

Someone would have read it. Sorry you lost your work.