Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some thoughts on the V.P. debate

It's past my bedtime but I have a few comments about tonight's Vice Presidential debate that I have to get off my chest first.

1.) I can't believe Barack Obama is at the top of the ticket over Biden. I watched the presidential debate last week and thought McCain and Obama both sounded like quibbling children. Biden comes across as so much more knowledgeable and genuine. It's ridiculous that Obama is the presidential nominee. It will not be easy for me to vote for Obama in order to get Biden.

2.) Both of the V.P. candidates came across as so much more genuine than their candidates.

3.) Sarah Palin exceeded expectations and I don't want to dismiss her abilities, but here are a few things I hope to never hear in another debate for a presidential candidate.
3a.) "Dawg-gonnit"
3b.) "Darn right!"
3c.) A "shout out" to the folks back home.
I know she's folksy, but let's pretend this is important, can we? For someone who has been the butt of jokes from her Katie Couric interviews, she didn't win over any independent voters with her, "Hi Ma! I'm on teevee" act.

4.) Something rubbed me the wrong way when she said that Jill Biden's rewards were "in heaven." I realize she meant it as an endearing sentiment, but I've sat down and had lunch with Dr. Jill Biden; she is a lovely woman and I may be taking this personally here, but that comment is something you'd say about a matronly schoolteacher. Jill Biden has her PhD and teaches at a community college, their daughter Ashley is a social worker and Beau Biden is about to ship off to Iraq. They're good people, they don't need Sarah Palin to assign a place in heaven. (Yes, I'm being defensive.)

5.) I flipped around through different networks tonight and it was pretty ridiculous. MSNBC and Fox News both defended the left and the right respectively. I can't take either of those networks seriously when it comes to this election. I've switched to CNN now so we'll see how they do.

6.) I have nothing against McCain, Palin or Obama personally; but this election is ridiculous. None of those clowns should be running our country. It's a sad day when you have no confidence in your potential leaders, but the consolation is that they can't be any worse than our current leadership. We're so screwed.


[F]oxymoron said...

(3) The only problem is that the expectations for Mrs. Palin have been lowered to such an extent that meeting and even exceeding these expectations is not remarkable (echoes your num 6)

(5) The best "news perspective" is from overseas.

Kathleen said...

I've heard that before - the most balanced news comes from sources outside of the U.S. Apparently they're as captivated by our election as we are, too. I heard on the radio, an interviewer in Canada was asking,"Do you know the candidates for U.S. President?" Everyone knew, Obama and McCain. Then they asked, "Do you know who's running in the Canadian Federal election?" It was much like Jay Leno when he does Jay Walking.

Stephy said...

We've been staying up until 3:30am to watch the debates, and I have to say, it's been pretty alarming. Maybe it's just because I don't want to believe otherwise, but the vibe I feel coming off of Obama is just complete and utter revulsion for what he's doing and saying. He looks exhausted and fed up. The last debate, the "town hall" thing...what was that? He had to have felt just as tacky as he should have felt. Again, maybe I was just putting my ideas on the guy, but it was almost like he felt dirty. And, well, he should. The thing is, I didn't get the feeling that McCain felt the same way. He seemed to feel like he was really shining, that he was doing the right thing and acting appropriately in presidential situation. It was scary!

I maintain that through all of it, McCain has been dirtier than Obama. But Obama has started playing the same game and you're not the only one who hopes it'll be over soon!

The only hope is that if Obama wins it, then maybe Biden can run afterwards.

Kathleen said...

Stephy, you got out at the right time!! I miss you sweetie!